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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

While browsing through the website, general information such as IP address, cookie information, and the requested page url is automatically collected in the server logs (like any other websites). Each type of information is explained in detail below:

IP Address
While editing an article, if you are not logged, your IP address is recorded in order to identify you as the editor of an article. IP address is automatically saved into the server logs by websites in general.

Cookie stores settings and preferences you configured. A temporary session cookie stores a session id that points to temporary settings across a session. This session cookie will be deleted once you close your browser. Cookie is needed for the functionality of this website. If you are using a public computer, you should never choose the "remember me" option when logging in. It is recommended to clear the browser's cookie and cache after using a public computer.

User Account Informations
Once you have registered an account with, your personal information is strictly used to identify you as the author of articles you have written. Your email address is stored as a contact information for problems/resetting of password.

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