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Wed Jul 4 2007 17:48:48 GMT is now the new home for the site from Since I wish to do more than just things related to the original goal of the site, I need to create a new website that is more personal. This site, now called science.dirbix, is one of the many projects that will be hosted on my personal website at The transition to the new website is quite rough. It will take a few weeks before the new site will be completely functional.

Mon Aug 28 2006 2:56:52 GMT
The website has now been completely redesigned. Now users can edit articles and submit them to be reviewed by the administrators/original author of articles. You can read more about this website in the about section. Also, all the articles are now licensed under a creative commons license. You can also read more about that in the about section. This is a complete new look for DirectScience.Info. Several beta projects are underway as well. Look around, I think you can agree that this version of DirectScience.Info is much better than the previous versions. Have fun!

Sun Feb 5 2006 19:41:29 GMT
Plans: By the end of this summer, the physics section will be done. Chemistry or biology will be the next section to be finished. The completion of the whole site will probably be around the year 2010.

Mon Jan 30 2006 15:36:46 GMT
A site map and a mailing list have been added to the site. A mailing list would provide you with a navigation for the site. While the mailing list (ScienceDiscussion) at DirectScience.Info provides a way for people to communicate with each other. Joining the mailing list will allow you to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss topics pertaining to science.

Sun Nov 27 2005 8:06:24 GMT
Finally, I have gotten a proper domain name - - for the website. I've decided it's time to purchase a server for the site. In the meantime, I'm updating all the articles written so far, and I'm adding new articles. In order to cover the costs of hosting and maintenance, please donate. More info on donation will be available.

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