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Science.dirbix is a website that provides the public with information and resources related to science. The goals of science.dirbix are:

  • Provide information on various science related topics to the general public as well as researchers and to spread the knowledge of science.
  • Assists researchers, students, teachers, and others with their research in a specific field of science, and provide resources and references to maximize their productivity.


Science.dirbix is created by me, Boyang Zhao, in the year 2005. The first few years were mainly focused on designing the website, building the structure of the databases, and finding a reliable web hosting provider. Throughout the years, I have been constantly adding more and more science articles relating to various topics of science. I have written most of the articles found on this website. This website was initially named In June of 2007, however, the site was moved to the subdomain This was done because I have various other projects that I wish to create and a more general name allows me to better reflect that. Now, is only one of the many projects that I've created at, which is my personal site.

General Information
This website did not have any advertisements. However in order to pay for the maintenance costs, I have no choice but to put ads on science.dirbix. I wish this is only temporary because I know how much people hate ads. The articles found on this website can be edited by any registered member. Visitors can make suggest edits to be reviewed by the original authors of the article. All articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License, as part of the goals of this website in spreading common knowledge.

Future Plans

Various plans will be considered in the future. These include:

  • Provide higher quality articles for the users.
  • Include more interative ways to communicate with users, such as using java applets.

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