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Science.dirbix contains articles and resources on various topics in the fields of science. New articles are constantly being added. Now, registered users can help edit articles and create new ones. All articles are licensed under a Creative Commons license. The goal of this website is to provide a single place where you find information related to science.



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Science.dirbix is divided into the following sections:

  • Fields - articles arranged by fields (biology, chemistry, etc.)
  • References - articles arranged by reference (laws, formulas, etc.)
  • Resources - list of resources related to science
  • Protocols - this is a beta section, has not yet started


Wed Jul 4 2007 17:48:48 GMT is now the new home for the site from Since I wish to do more than just things related to the original goal of the site, I need to create a new website that is more personal. This site, now called science.dirbix, is one of the many projects that will be hosted on my personal website at The transition to the new website is quite rough. It will take a few weeks before the new site will be completely functional.

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Forces can be described as a push or a pull. There are the contact forces that arise when two objects make physical contact; and there are noncontact forces that are exerted without physical contact, such as gravity.
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